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Your old format often said "No Finds" but below th...

Your old format often said "No Finds" but below that there were all kinds of phone #'s for the co. I was searching for. With your new format, it's "No finds" - and THAT'S IT. I always found the old format odd, but at least I got some good #'s! Just now, I put in "Bio-Trust Nutrition" and got 2 things that start with the letter "B". Big deal. This used to be such a life-saver of a company, what happened to you??? Thanks! Jan Browne,
Hi Kellywd, we're sorry that you feel that way. We are transitioning our site to a more user friendly site. Obviously we aren't there yet and are still making some changes. Are there specific functions or features from the old site that you want to see incorporated into the new site? We're always open for suggestions!-
I had a similar experience. Very disappointing. You were the one company I could usually count on to find contact numbers. The functions/features that I miss are anything that produces a response. No answers at all , not even "nothing found, please try again." Sorry, but it is anything but user friendly. Miss what was.-
Ok well I'm sorry you feel that way but we're always striving to be better so I will make sure to pass this along in the next development meeting!-
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